Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Welcome to my blog...it's been too long coming.

The opposite of a Sunshine Hydra.
My humble "Hello and Welcome" to anyone who comes here to read what I have to write type. My name is Stephen Maxwell, and I have played video games for a VERY long time. In this time, my interest grew to include things like the gaming industry itself, the issues, the controversy, the lawsuits, the murders, the mergers, and pretty much anything that has had even a remote connection to gaming.

But at the end of the day, it all comes back to the controller in my hand, my mind on the television screen, and my heart in whatever universe I have chosen to get lost in on a particular night. You see, to me, games are the most superior form of media. That's not to say I don't like to read books, or paint, or watch films...but I truly believe gaming brings all these art forms together, in an interactive way, that I can only compare to lucid dreaming. And with each generation of technology, my dreams feel more and more rivaled by the achievements of gaming.

That said, my favorite non-gaming, gaming-related activity for years has been to read reviews. I LOVE reviews. I love reading reviews of good games, and bad games, and new games and even old games. Sure, I read reviews to become educated on the latest "hot" product, but I also read them because I really and honestly just derive enjoyment from them (especially after playing the game in question). It's natural that musicians listen to the music of other musicians, and poets read the poetry of other poets...so by this logic, I began finding myself writing reviews, on websites like MySpace, and Kotaku.

That has all been well and good, but I have begun to feel that it's time I write some REAL reviews, on a whole new level of professionalism and intensity, in a space dedicated to them. I will also just be talking about anything on my mind gaming-related, and my progress or impressions during games as well (since honestly, having a life filled with responsibilities, combined with my tendency to get caught up in a single game for dozens of hours tends to mean I don't finish games as often as I'd like...that said, I don't believe you HAVE to finish a game to review it, in all cases...I'm looking at you Oblivion!). But I digress.

So sit back, grab a coffee or a beer or a pineapple juice if it makes you happy, and enjoy a good read at Sunshine Hydra. Because at Sunshine Hydra, you will read quality gaming commentary, from someone who has the credentials necessary (good writer AND lifelong gamer). And you will read it with a smile, because the atmosphere here is going to be positive, friendly and enjoyable, much like a ray of sunshine. A Sunshine Hydra. So enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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